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Plastic wire reel

Bag & Bale Ltd have been at the forefront of the consumables market supplying, Baling Wire, Baling Tape, Baling Twine, Baling Strapping and Compactor Sacks for almost 15 years.

In this time, we have seen the recycling rates for different products increase and with the fairly recent advent of RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) and SRF (Specified Recovered Fuel) market’s, it prompted us to look further into alternative tying media and more sustainable products.


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During our research, we found that penalties are now being paid in the EU for “wire tied” and wrapped bales that are presented, which is an unwelcome cost for contractors.

With the introduction of plastic wire and strap tied bales, we worked closely with our clients to supply a product that meets the demands of this sector at the same time as reducing operating costs.


Plastic Wire


Following extensive research, Bag and Bale Ltd launched the supply of Plastic Baling Wire to the UK market in August 2014 for the RDF/SRF markets.

The product directly replaces steel wire, with only small parameter changes needed to the operation of the machine (i.e. number of twists) to ensure the product holds during recovery.

The reels are supplied at 13000 Metres long which is equivalent to 0.75 Tonnes of steel wire.

Recent tests have been carried out with key manufacturer’s equipment and have been 100% successful, with bales tying at circa 950Kg+ without incident with Macpress, BOA, Whitham Mills, Lindex, UnoTech, Presona and Sacria machines.

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