Baling Twine

101096 4ply rewound spool and 101091 2ply and 101091 4ply centre feed twine

Baling Twine is a suitable substitute for polyester strapping, as it is more flexible and has the same (if not better) breaking capacities.

We have the largest UK stocks available for next day delivery to include:

Centre feed twine, from 180kg - 400kg break strains

Rewound spools, from 120kg - 400kg break strains

4ply Rewound Baling Twine 5 101096 Bag and Bale

Rewound Baling Twine is as an alternative to Baling Tape which was developed solely by Bag & Bale, to replace Baling Tape. This product range gives you economic and handling benefits.

We supply 2ply to replace 9mm tape, 4ply to replace 13mm tape and 6ply to replace 16/19mm tape.

2ply Rewound Baling Twine 2 101095 Bag and Bale

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